What happens next in appeal of license suspension?

Asked over 4 years ago - Norristown, PA

My ex-wife had a DUI, lost her license but is appealing (in meantime she is still driving). Appeal was filed on the docket, hearing scheduled for january 26 (appeared on docket) and then entry of appearance by counsel for PENNDOT entered on docket. I'm wondering what happened at the hearing on 1/26. Was assuming notes of testimony would be entered on docket that I could order from the court(as I did appeal documents). I want to know if she lost her license as I would not find out from her.

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If no order has been listed on the docket, if I went to the Prothy's office, the file wouldn't contain an order, would it? I thought everything filed would be listed on the docket. Seems like it would be futile to go to the clerk's office.

Also, she refused breathylizer so I'm not sure if her appeal of the license suspension would be granted since they don't know what the level of alcohol was.

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  1. Adam D. Zucker


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    Answered . It’s not likely you’re going to get any good information from the PennDOT counsel. The fastest way to get the information is to go to the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts on the second floor in the Courthouse in Norristown. Ask them for the docket number; if you have the number just ask them for a copy of the file or a copy of the Court's Order. They may charge you a few bucks.

    Also, for what it’s worth, if her DUI was for a .10 or higher her appeal of the license suspension was probably futile.

  2. Alan James Brinkmeier

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    Answered . Why not phone the attorney that appeared for PENNDOT which I assume means the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation? It is common to call the attorney that appeared to find out what happened.

  3. Kevin James Trombold


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    Answered . You could call either of the attorneys involved or request a tape of the hearing. It sounds like you might want to call the opposing counsel - depends on your relationship with your "ex." Both counsel's phone numbers will likely be available from the state bar of your state. In Washington State you can search the name of the attorney as a member of the general public from the bar's website. I'm sure your state has something similar. If not then call the state bar for them to look it up for you. Good luck

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