What happens in a petition for support(civil) hearing?There is already a support order in effect,but have not been paying fulpmt

Asked 6 months ago - Chesterfield, VA

It seems that the mother of this child is asking for payments to be made per guidelines,asking for health insurance coverage, and payment of medical bills for child.The child is 17.Have been paying consistently $50-$100 per month for years but have been unemployed for years and caring for my three other children while current mate is working(two of those children have autism and one is an infant). License was suspended and mate works varied hours so finding and getting to a job would be difficult.What will happen at the hearing,would I be given a lawyer,could I go to jail?Is being unemployed and caring for my other children a defense?Also,although I signed paternity papers when this child was born,facts came to light afterward that made me doubt she is mine.Does that matter so many yrs ltr

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  1. Deborah Ann Johnson Wilson

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    Answered . It is not possible to answer your question in this forum without reviewing the court order. Further, it is not clear if this is a hearing to modify support or enforce an support order. The type of hearing will dictate the options that are available to the court. If this is a Rule to Show Cause, it could carry jail time if you are found in contempt. However, if it is just a modification hearing, the issue of contempt does not come up and there is no issue of jail time. I suggest that you arrange a private consultation with an experienced family lawyer to discuss all options available to you. Best of luck~

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  2. Kevin Reese Pettrey

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    Answered . You should consult with and retain an experienced family law attorney.

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