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What happens if your subpoenaed to go to court for a jury trial for DV and don't show up?

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I was subpoenaed to tesify at court against my ex for DV. But don't want to. What will happen to me? And if they put me in much time will I have to serve? He has done 30days for it already. It for Assault 4 and Harassment. So how much more time could he get for those charges?

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A bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. As to how long your in there, its up to the Judge. It would be very foolish to refuse to comply because your testimony is only one part of the prosecution and they may be able to convict without your testimony, so your action in refusing to testify could have been in vain

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Unfortunately, there are too many variables to answer your question. If you were personally served, a "material witness warrant" could be issued and an officer could come and arrest you and hold you in custody until the court hears the matter and/or takes your testimony. The maximum penalty for assault is 364 days in jail. The maximum penalty fo harassment is also 364 days in jail. There are no "minimums" for either charge.

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