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What happens if you skip a court date, but your under 18?

Berwyn, IL |

long story short i got a court date in the mail for underage drinking in a different town then the one i live in. im only 17 and dont turn 18 until december. I had work and skipped my court date. so im wondering whats going to happen? i had a court date before when i was 15 and skipped it and had no consequences.

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  1. If the prosecutor files a charge and you fail to appear, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. That is what usually happens when someone does not appear after being notified of a court date. Usually, the only exceptions are if the prosecutor cannot prove you were notified of the court date, or if they have decided not to proceed with the case. There is probably no way to know why your previous FTA did not result in a warrant, but it is certainly no guarantee that this case will be treated the same.

  2. The charge is serious and your missing your court date could be serious. Hire a lawyer immediately. Get back to court and face the judge.

  3. They are likely to convict you of the offense and report it to SOS. your license will be suspended for 6 months.

    And depending upon the judge they may issue an arrest warrant. I would certainly have an attorney check into it.

  4. If you want to talk with an attorney in your area here on AVVO select "Find a Lawyer" at the top of the page. Good luck.

  5. The court most likely entered a conviction on the charge against you and assesed fines and court costs. The order will be sent to the scretary of state for suspension of your driver's license (even if the ticket had nothing to do with driving). A civil judgemnt for the fines and costs will be entered. A collection agency will likely start hounding you for payment and it will be reported to the various credit bureaus. Hire an experienced attorney to file a motion to vacate the conviction and get this all straightened out sooner rather than later. Consultations are free.

  6. The court can find you guilty when you fail to appear. The court can also issue a warrant when you fail to appear. Some of the time a court will send you notice of a new date and not find you guilty or issue a warrant. A court being this courteous to you is not something you want to bet on! You should go online to the circuit clerk's website and see what you can find out about your case. If a warrant was issued you can file a motion to quash the warrant. You will need to send appropriate notice to the prosecuting authority and include all your reasons for missing court. A lawyer can file the motion and send notice for you. You will be required to go to the next court date and if a warrant was issued it is valid until the court recalls it. Good luck.

    This general legal advice does not create an attorney-client relationship. Every case is individual and to have legal advice that you can rely on you need to talk to an attorney one on one, answer their questions, and hire them.

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