What happens if you miss your court date for no proof of insurance and a bench warrant is issued?`

Asked almost 2 years ago - Clinton Township, MI

i was charge for no proof insurance.

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    Answered . A warrant will issue for your arrest and you will be arrested and taken immediately into custody on your next contact with the police unless you contact the court and reset the date. This is best done with an attorney. Call my office, or another attorney of your choice tomorrow morning. Do nothing which brings to to the attention of the police until the warrant is cleared.

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    Answered . If you don't get it fixed and you get stopped by the police down the road, you might get arrested. Best to turn yourself into the court and arrange to take care of it sooner than later. You may have to go in front of the judge and explain yourself. For something like this they will probably let you just pay some money and be done with it, but it is up to the court (judge) not me.

    As always consult an attorney near you and don't depend on this answer as actual legal advice.

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    Answered . You can file a 4.101(b) motion to set aside the default judgment, if you have a valid defense. If you actually had insurance on the car and you want to fight the case, that is your best bet. If that sounds daunting, contact an attorney like myself or one of my colleagues to do it for you.

    In the 4.101(b) motion you're going to have to state a valid defense and pay a bond equal to the fine. The Court will grant you a new court date, and I would recommend not missing it.

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    Answered . If a bench warrant is issued, the court has issued a warrant for your arrest because you failed to appear at the hearing. If you are stopped for another reason that does not warrant arrest, for instance another traffic stop, the court can hold you until court is in session so that they can have your hearing.

    Contact the court. You may be able to "take care of" you warrant by either turning yourself in or paying the ticket.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . You need to hire an attorney to help you out with this. It is better to turn yourself in at the court then to get arrested by the police. Call a local attorney today.

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    Answered . It is best to follow the advice of my colleagues here. Warrants have a nasty way of impacting your life at terribly inconvenient times.

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