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What happens if you miss court as a juvenile?

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i pulled a senior prank and showed up to the first court hearing and not the second i am worried what will happen because my offense was vandalism to school property and could be up to a year in juvenile hall but i turn 18 in a week?

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If you do not have an attorney you should hire one. There is most likely a warrant for your arrest. You should appear in court with your attorney and get this taken care of as soon as possible. The court will want to hear why you disrespected them by not appearing and answering I forgot will not get you far.
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If you're being charged with vandalism (probably under section 594 of the Penal Code) then you fall into the category of juveniles against whom a "warrant of arrest" may be issued within 20 days after your failure to appear. The court sees this as breaking a promise to show up and they won't look fondly upon it.

Getting an attorney would probably be the best thing to do. He/she will know the fastest, and smartest, way to contact the court and get a date to appear so that you can speak to the judge and explain yourself. This way, the judge can cancel the warrant before you get arrested by the police. Doing this yourself is possible, but a little scarier and riskier since you're already in trouble (twice now) with the court.

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If you did not appear, there is likely a warrant for your arrest. You should contact an attorney to attend court with you to recall the warrant.

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