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What happens if you miss a court date and reschedule but you miss the court date you rescheduled also?

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The person that missed the court date was suppose to appear to find out if he will be getting off probation. He could not make the first court date so he rescheduled, but he also missed the second court date that was rescheduled. Will he be arrested?

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  1. The person who consistently misses court dates shows very little respect for the court. Will he show more respect when he is picked up on a warrant?

  2. POst is a bit unclear. Was he given a court date to appear for termination? Did he schedule it to terminate probation early?
    If he was given a date to appear either by probation or the court which he did not request, he might be looking at a warrant.
    Why doesn't this person call his attorney for some advice?

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  4. It depends, was everything completed? If so, he might not have a warrant.

  5. More detail is needed but from what you have posted, a warrant likely has issued. He/she should consult an attorney about filing a motion to quash and recall the warrant.