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What happens if you improperly lefted a county with telling so thats a VOP on a felony and have VOP for a DUI?

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My brother improperly lefted a county Atlanta for his felony and didn't report it and last year he got a DUI and VOP. He had committed salutory rape in Augusta but served time in Atlanta where he lived after he was released from prison for the crime. Then he lefted Atlanta moved to Augusta starting working and didn't report it in 2009 and in 2010 he got a DUI so he wasn't reporting and that how he had an outstanding warrant...Now could he hire a lawyer and they could help him and not serve time

with my mother and friends speaking on his behalf help

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Generally it is a requirement that a probationer keep their probation officer informed as to the place of their residence. Failure to do so is a technical violation. In addition, there is requirement to report a new arrest within 48 hours. While a technical violation of probation can be punished by two years in prison, a good lawyer can point out all of the good things your brother has done in mitigation of the violations and argue to have him reinstated to probation. Family support is always strong argument with the court. It shows there is network to help he will not reoffends.

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