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What happens if you dont show up for jury duty?

Bartow, FL |
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I have court tomorrow because i didnt show up for jury duty but i never got it in the mail. So what is going to happen to me?ation.

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If you can somehow prove that you did not get the summons for jury duty, nothing should happen to you. Those summons used to be generated from a list of registered voters but now come from drivers license information. Perhaps you moved but did not change your address with the DMV ??? You're supposed to do this within 30 days of your move by the way....
Technically you could be held in criminal contempt if you wilfully ignored the summons, but judges are not really interested in doing that unless faced with an egregious, repeated case of failing to appear.
Most likely the judge will check your address, give your current one to the clerk and possibly reschedule you on the spot for future jury duty. Remember, jury duty is an extremely important requirement of your citizenship. I have spoken with innumerable jurors following their service and the vast majority were glad they did.. Good luck tomorrow.

Robert E. Heyman, Esq

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Mr. Heyman gives a good answer.

To add to it a bit, if you are held in contempt the judge can place you into the jail and post a purge bond, meaning that you must pay the purge amount in order to get out. He can also give you a new report date with a threat of jail for a non-appearance.

I will also say that it is every citizen's duty to serve on a jury. Defense attorneys really do appreciate folks coming in, giving up their day for little compensation, and being fair and impartial jurors. You are what allows our system to function and provide the ultimate check on the government's extensive power to arrest and incarcerate a fellow citizen. I'm sure if you felt you were wrongly accused of a crime that you would want your fellow citizens to hear your case and uphold your rights.

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Jury duty service is a responsibility that all citizens must share if they qualify. Failure to appear when call for jury duty can be serious. Even if you do not actually get chosen for the jury, simply not going puts you at risk.

Phone the telephone number that is listed on the paperwork you were served with. It will describe your options. Our trial by jury system is a cherished right. Jury service is an important obligation of citizenship, too. Otherwise our system will become one where a powerful few will decide what is freedom.

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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