What happens if you crash a car into city property and have no license

Asked over 1 year ago - Chicago, IL

i hit a bump in the road that made the car lose control . the accident was caused because of the bump . the car spun and hit a light poll . i have to license .

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  1. Larry Alan Apfelbaum

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    Answered . Simple answer, your in trouble. You will probably get ticketed for not having a license and for the accident. Talk to criminal defense attorney how to handle those tickets.

    You will also get a bill from the city to pay for the damage. If the car was insured, they need to be notified. If no insurance, be prepared to pay for the damage or the city will probalby take you to court.

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  2. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . If you get citations, retain a local criminal lawyer to defend. Good luck.

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  3. Daniel Nelson Deasy

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    Answered . Problems. You can receive citations for a number of offenses and you will most likely have to pay for the repairs to the propery you damaged.

    Good luck.

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  4. Stephen Laurence Hoffman


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    Answered . Agree with my colleagues.

    Let me just highlight a few things, get licensed and insured if you are driving!

    If you are insured, report this and the carrier may cover it. Then again, it may determine no license voids coverage.

    If no insurance exists, speak to a traffic/criminal lawyer ASAP.

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  5. Albert Lee Crosner

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    Answered . You really need to do as my colleagues have indicated and do it as soon as possible. No driver's license, hit a light pole (city property), and perhaps driving with no insurance. If I were you, I would run, not walk, to an excellent Chicago criminal defense attorney to help you through the process. This could wind up costing you some considerable dollars. I would also recommend that you get your license renewed and get some insurance right away. That might help some when you see the Judge. Best of luck.

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