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What happens if i was sentenced to 5 days county jail and dont turn myself in at at certain time?

Denver, CO |

Im currently in Colorado, i was previuosly on probation for DWAI i finished up my required classes and MAD pannels,only thing i didnt finish the complete 10 hours of my 80 hours of community service resulting me having to go back to court. I have to serv 5 days in county jail and im off probation, What could be the worse case if i was to not turn myself in?

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The worst thing the court could do is sentence you to the maximum year in jail. DO NOT do this. You need to ask for a stay of execution rather than not show up.

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You would be charged with misdemeanor escape. Escape is easy to prove in your case and would result in a consecutive jail setence of up to 90 days.


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You could face additional jail time, new charges, and/or a warrant for your arrest could issues. Take care of this now rather then later; it would only get worse with time.

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The other attorneys are correct, the judge could hit you with more jail, 30 days, 60 days, up to a year. You should ask for a continuance and get everything done by the next court date. Also, you might be able to get work release over straight jail.

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