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What happens if I miss a family court date?

Hesperia, CA |

what can I do , the date was for the 16th and I thought it was for the 18th and just found out I was wrong. tomorrow the 17th I will go in to the court house see if i can do anything who would I talk to?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Before anyone can give you an accurate response, I think you need to specify what the purpose of the "court date" was for.

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  2. Per the earlier answer, it depends on what was SUPPOSED to happen on that date: what was the court GOING to do? If you go to the court where the hearing was set, you'll be able to view the file from your case (you'll need to know your case number). In the file, there should a a paper called a "minute order" SAYING what the court did on the date you missed. Then, you should speak to an attorney if you need to get the court to CHANGE what the court did.