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What happens if I'm caught driving with a suspended license before my plea for my DUI?

Hartford, CT |

I got pulled ove for driving with a suspended license a few weeks before my court date for my DUI I got a couple of months back. I haven't gotten a lawyer yet even though I've gone to court a few times. I'm stuck in a bind since I don't have money for a lawyer and make too much for a free one. What is going to happen. The cop said I'm going to jail.

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    From your question, it seems your license was suspended as a result of the DMV action. You need to hire competent counsel as there is a mandatory period of incarceration, the amount of which depends on the number of previous convictions. Since there is mandatory time, in the absence of strong mitigating factors, you need to hire a competent criminal defense attorney. Retainers for criminal defense attorneys may not be as expensive as you fear and most provide free or minimal cost initial consultations. Should you wish to call me, I am willing to meet with you to discuss your case.

    Brian S. Karpe, Esq. (860) 242-2221 Note: This response DOES NOT constitute legal advice and therefore no specific action should be taken in reliance thereon. No attorney-client relationship is created through this response. You should speak to an licensed attorney in your state who is competent to answer your question before taking any action with regard to this question.

  2. A conviction for driving with a license that was suspended for a dwi related event carries a minimum of 30 days in jail, unless the court finds the presence of mitigating factors which warrants a departure from the mandatory minimum sentence. You need an attorney, no two ways about it. I suggest you give Attorney Karpe a call and take him up on his offer for a consultation.

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