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What happens if i lie about food benefits

Clackamas, OR |

i signed up for food benefits at dhs and got 2 months worth of money for food. the thing is i said i had full custody of my 2 kids and they were with me 100% of the time. this actually isn't true.. what happens if dhs finds out i lied? can i go back and change it?

cant i just call them and tell them i made a mistake and have it changed?

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    The short answer is that you lied and if they find out, you could be prosecuted.

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  2. Woudl be charged with welfare fraud. Before you try and change the information you need to talk with a local criminal defense attorney.

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  3. Lying on a government application is a crime. Be careful.

  4. I agree with what has been said but would add that there is an old saying "the Wheels of God grind slow but exceedingly fine." Never assume that you can cheat the government, your act will have a way of catching up, and you could suddenly find yourself having to defend yourself in a years old case.