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What happens if I had a court date for traffic and didn't show up

Chicago, IL |
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I was arrested for a traffic court that I didn't appear, what could happen to me

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You could have a warrant out for your arrest. You have been given another court date which if you skip will result in a default judgment that could result in your license being suspended.

  2. It all depends what type of ticket you receivd. If it was for over 30mph over the speed limit the Judge can issue a bench warrant for yoru arrest For other minor traffic tickets they will enter a judgment of conviction and send it to the Secretary of State and it will go on your drivng record. Dependng on your past record it may lead to a suspension or a Failure ot Pay hold. I suggest getting a local attorney to get it back in court to avoid this.

  3. Nothing good will happen if you ignore this ticket. At the minimum your license will eventually be suspended. At worst a warrant was issued and your license will be suspended. If you should be caught driving while suspended you risk being jailed, regardless of whether or not you are aware of the suspension.

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