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What happens if I failed drug test while on probation and I haven't checked back in with probation officer been on the run mos?

Corpus Christi, TX |

I was in satf got out on probation .I was told I failed a drug test ,I didn't do any drugs .I don't want to go back to satf or jail so I haven't checked back in its been 2 months .I didn't even go to court because they were waiting for me.

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    Failing to report is not helping your case. You may have options available to you, including defending against a false positive test or simply having an understanding judge make a judgment call, but failing to report is making you look worse. I know of some bleak outlooks which turned rosy.

    It is certainly possible you may be revoked and sent to prison, but refusing to face it only makes prison more likely. Hire a good criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, listen to his/her advice, and face the situation.

  2. You need a lawyer. You are looking at eventually being caught and a good possibility that you will wind up in prison

  3. You need to hire a lawyer to try to do some damage control. Chances are very, very high you will be revoked. (My only hesitation in saying that it is 100% is that you put Corpus as your home city.)

  4. Retain an attorney immediately to help you face the music and do damage control for you.

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