What happens if i fail my first drug test in a CRO program in Alabama?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Grove Hill, AL

Pled guilty to 2nd degree possession of marijuana charge in alabama as a youthful offender. Part of the sentence was completing a CRO program. I do not really know what that is but am assuming drug testing. I have quit smoking but it takes at least thirty days for marijuana to get out of your system. What will happen if I test dirty on my first test?

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  1. Randy William Ferguson

    Contributor Level 19

    Answered . Up to your probation officer.

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  2. Eric Clark Davis

    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . Get to some meetings and get your paper signed. I think it's best to be straight with them that you should be hot from a past usage. Typically, if you're honest with them and you're making a good faith effort to comply, they will work with you. Be aware that they can notify the DA, who can file a motion to revoke your suspended sentence. Consult your attorney if you had one.

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  3. Patrick Mahaney


    Contributor Level 17

    Answered . If you fail your initial drug screen going into the program, meaning that substances were present prior to being placed on probation, then in most cases, you will not be reported delinquent. The probation officer will order you to report back in 7 to 10 days for a second initial screening. If, however, you fail a drug screen after entering the program, you will be reported as delinquent and subject to probation revocation or re-sentencing by the court.

  4. Martin Evan Weinberg

    Contributor Level 10

    Answered . Generally if you are honest about your usage you will be given a clean date . Most cro programs understand that it takes a while to get the drugs out of your system. Be honest and it will usually work out.

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