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What happens if i dont get indicted after 180 days?

Houston, TX |

my husband was arrested at the begining of Oct. He was charged with two 3rd degree felonies. One of them was a drug charge and the other was a firearm charge. He keeps tryin to talk to his CA but he really isnt telling him about his case. They want him to take a polygraph, but they dont stand up in court. he is a convicted felon. The fire arm was in the car the he was driving and he didnt know that it was in there and they found the drugs on the outside of the car. They have not finger printed the gun or nothing.

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The 180 days doesn't make a diffrence if your husband is out of jail.

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If your Husband is out on bond then it does not matter that the State has not indicted him yet. If he is in jail then after 90 days he is entitled to a PR Bond if the State does not indict him in that time limit. The state has until the statute of limitations is ended to Indict someone for a felony.

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Mr. Stornello's answer is correct.

You are also correct that polygraphs are not admissible in court (nor can they be used for probation revocations.) However, they can be used for a variety of reasons - sometimes to help get a case dismissed even.

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