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What happens if i didnt go to court for an open can container ticket i was suppose to go in Jan 2013 and barely found my ticket?

Newport Beach, CA |

i missed my court date for an open container ticket in New Port Beach and i was suppose to go to court Jan. 2013 but i got kicked out and barely got the rest of my belongings and my ticket what will happen if i go to court to try and pay?

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  1. You may be arrested, however, I would suggest you call the court and explain your problem.

  2. You are faced with both the open container infraction plus a Misdemeanor Failure to Appeal that will cause an additional civil assessment/fine of $325 and the court has the power to issue a warrant for your failure to appear.
    Although you do not have legal cause to avoid the Failure to Appear Fine, an experienced attorney should be able to reduce the civil assessment. Further, you case may be dismissed if the officer does not appear at trial.
    Suggest you consult with an attorney before paying any fine, most attorneys offer a free consultation.
    Call my offices if you need additional information.
    Good Luck.
    Richard L. Grant
    Criminal & Traffic Defense Attorney

    Legal disclaimer: Please note that this answer/response does not constitute legal advice of any kind or manner. It is merely intended to provide general information for purposes to aid the poster in finding answers to the question preseented. This answer/response does not create an attorney-client relationship of any kind or manner.

  3. In addition to the open container ticket you now have a failure to appear. This is a misdemeanor - but can usually be infracted with the help of an attorney. You need an attorney now! Do not try and do this by yourself .

    Andrew Roberts

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