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What happens if I cant pay my lawyer anymore??

Jacksonville, FL |

I was suppose to pay my laywer with some money had coming in in january...i didnt get as much as I expected and im two months behind on my rent.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Typically, an attorney will file a motion to withdraw, a hearing is set, and the court will relieve the attorney from further representation for good cause shown. Not being paid is usually good cause shown. I would seek alternate avenues to pay my attorney, as a good attorney is worth their weight in gold. I would speak with them.

  2. Have you discussed this situation with your attorney? He may be willing to work with you. If not, he can file a motion with the court to withdraw from the case.

  3. You have this under "child support" but I also see that you've commented that it is for a Criminal Case. If your attorney withdraws, the judge will typically then appoint the Public Defender's Office to represent you and the case will be passed for your new attorney to get caught up on your case.

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