What happens if an ex-husband owes his spouse money from a divorce agreement and dies before paying it?

Asked 7 months ago - East Northport, NY

Money owed to ex-wife, had 6 years from date of divorce to pay her, 6 years coming up in November, and now ex-husband who remarried has health issues.

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    Answered . If the money is not paid within the time period a claim to enforce it can be brought against the person if alive or his estate if deceased.

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    Answered . Simple answer is to file an Order to Show Cause for contempt in November. Get it straightened out in Court. Or have him sign a Confession of Judgment and record it.

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  3. Answered . Your question is not entirely clear. He owes money to his ex-spouse who he divorced prior to marring you? You're worried whether she (the former spouse) can attach his money after he dies (from you)?

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    Answered . I am confused- is dead or not? She can make a claim against his estate, and depending upon where it falls in the priority of claims, she might get paid from the estate.

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