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What Happens if a 16 year old who is emancipated is summoned to court for being accused of lying about being raped?

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I am 16 years old and married, so I am a legal adult. I am being summoned to court because the officer is saying I have lied about claiming to be raped. I was asleep and alone in the house and my husband was out job hunting. Later the next day or so he got a text saying "I took advantage of her" nothing really specific. He told his dad to take him to the police station, not saying a word about it to me. So is it really my fault if i didnt know what was being talked about until he was sat down telling them? What may happen to me if they find me guilty? Please Help me. Also Does it count in court for having Mental issues? (Anxiety, BPD, ADHD, Depression, Bipolar, Autism and Emotional problems)

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  1. If you are being "summoned" into Court, I would say that you have been charged with an offense. If you are sixteen years old, the proceeding would need to be brought in Juvenile Court. If you are not in Juvenile Court, you will need to be transferred there. Once in Juvenile Court, the District Attorney will need to elect whether or not to have you tried as an Adult. You are entitled to a hearing to determine whether or not your case should be transferred to Criminal/Circuit Court where you could be tried as an Adult.

    At any rate, I would highly recommend that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. If you are in danger of facing any jail time, the Court will appoint you an attorney if you cannot afford to hire one.

    Best of Luck!

  2. You need to consult an attorney as soon as possible.If you cant afford an attorney,do not take the witness stand on the court date without asking the court to appoint an attorney for you.If the court refuses and you are asked to testify,plead the fifth amendment to any questions dealing with the alleged rape.If you cant afford an attorney,I would go to the public defenders office and try to talk to someone about your situation before the court date.Yes, you could be prosecuted if you were not honest about the situation.. Good luck!

  3. It is important to consult with an Attorney immediately regarding your rights. I wouldn't recommend going into court without having an Attorney right by your side. Call around as many Attorneys offer Free Consultations. Good Luck!

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