What happens during a case management conference?

Asked over 3 years ago - Newport Beach, CA

This is for a credit card debt. I was served a summons, I responded then asked for discovery twice, I got nothing back...they asked for discovery...I responded for the most part with denials and gave my addresses for the past 5 yrs. Now they want to have a case management conference. I really feel as though they should supply me with what ever information they think they have that I owe this debt. can you give me a quick rundown on what will be going on in this conference? Do I need to work up some questions to ask them or is this not appropriate? Is this more like a deposition where they get to ask all the questions? I have been divorced a couple of times and there may very well be an outstanding debt out there somewhere, but isnt it their burden to prove?

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  1. Steven Alan Fink

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    Answered . The Case Management Conference is ordered by the Court to make sure all parties are served, to see if case can be resolved via mediation, arbitration or settlement conference, to see if there are any particular issues the court may assist with, and to set a trial date.

    If Plaintiff will not respond to your discovery requests your remedy is to file a motion to compel responses. It is their burden to prove, but you still want to know what evidence they have against you.

    The response given is not intended to create, nor does it create an ongoing duty to respond to questions. The... more
  2. Frank Wei-Hong Chen

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    Answered . The main purpose of the Case Management Conference is to set the trial date if the case is ready to have a trail date set, as well as to explore whether the court might also refer the matter to mediation.

    The Case Management Conference is NOT the time to discuss specific evidence with the judge. it is nothing like a deposition.

    Please see the following guides:

  3. Joshua P Friedman

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    Answered . A case management conference is set by the court to find out the status of the case, refer to mediation and/or set a trial date and schedule. Discovery disputes are handled according to code, not via a case management conference. Honestly, it sounds like you are in over your head and should discuss your case and/or hire an attorney ASAP.

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    Joshua P. Friedman

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