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What happens at the final adoption hearing?

Los Angeles, CA |
Filed under: Child support

I just received notification of adoption hearing.

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    Bring the child you are adopting, a camera (if you want a photo of you and your child with the judge), and any friends and relatives you want to have with you.

    If you are adopting a stepchild, the child, natural parent and stepparent must go to the hearing.

    All adoption proceedings are heard privately in the judge's chambers. Friends, family, and cameras are always welcome.

  2. What kind of case do you have? Is this a juvenile dependency case? Are you a parent? Have your rights been terminated? Is this a contested adoption or an unconsted adoption? What is your relationship to the person who is being adopted? If it is an unconsted adoption then what the other lawyer said is accurate, just ask permission to bring the camera. If you don't have the permission from the judge, most court buildings now prohibit you from bringing a camera; some even prohibit you from bringing in a cell phone with a camera. If this is a contested adoption then you need to provide more information to get a better answer.