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What happens after getting caught shoplifting but no cops called?

Fort Collins, CO |

I got caught shoplifting a $15 item at sears and they entered my info from my drivers license into the computer, had me sign a paper about civil demand and then let me go. Is it likely that im in the retail theft database? And is it likely that ill have to pay alot of money for the civil demand? I am over 21 and know better than to do this but since it happened i just wanna fully know the consequences im facing at this point.

They did get the item back undamaged and I do not have any sort of criminal record. Is there a good chance that they will decide to charge me?

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From what you post, you have not yet been charged with a crime, and so you have no conviction. Charges might stil be filed, but Sears may not want to spend the time. If they have the item back, they may not even send the civil demand letter, but if so, these often ask for triple the loss (even when the have the merchandise). You may also have agreed not to enter the store or any Sears store, so look at your paperwork. Sears may have a database, but without criminal charges and adjudication of guilt, you have not been convicted, and so not in any court database. If charges are filed, see a lawyer at once. Even though you appear to have admitted, there is a lot the attorney can do to minimize the damage.

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