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What happens after a creditor receives a summary judgment & how quickly can they seize a car in NY State?

Centereach, NY |

I just received a summary judgment against me. I am appealing the judgment. I am judgment proof with the exception of the vehicle that I own. The vehicle has a book value greater than the judgment.

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If summary judgment was for non-payment of the loan on the car, particularly if the creditor has a lien interest they can take the car. Otherwise it will be much more difficult for them to get then r. More likely they will try to get money from any bank accounts you have or wages that you get.

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Matthew Scott Berkus

Matthew Scott Berkus


David's answer is all that need be said on the matter.


An appeal does not stay enforcement of the judgment unless you post an undertaking for the entire amount of the judgment, to be paid immediately in the event that you do not prevail upon appeal.

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