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What happen if you had a dui for the first time and you did your 72 hours but didn't know that you had a probation office

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my boyfriend didn't know that I had a po he got pulled over and they said he had a warrant and off the jail he went not he has been there for 2weeks he sees the judge on the 29 they removed the warrant and put a detainer on him will the judge keep him in jail this happened 6 years ago he hasn't been in any trouble since he works and takes care of his family at this point we still don't know who his p o was until the Gagnon 1 paper said it

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  1. He needs to retain a criminal defense attorney immediately and if he cannot afford a private attorney then he should apply for a public defender. Good luck.

  2. He needs an attorney. There can be a motion to lift his detainer made so he can fight this from home. I would argue that he should get time served with immediate parole. Failure to report is not excused because he did not know he needed to, but the fact that he has avoided trouble during this helps show the judge it was an honest mistake and that he is not a threat.

    Michael L. Doyle
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  3. Both of my colleagues are spot on in this. Do what they suggest.

  4. I don't believe they will keep keep him in jail. They may but its unlikely bases on the facts you provided. Hire a criminal defense attorney to represent him on the gag 1.

    Attorney Michael Kotik | 267-265-4553 |

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  5. You can do a basic criminal records check online through

    Click on docket sheets

  6. Get a lawyer right away.

    Mark D. Copoulos
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