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What happen if i cant pay all my fines and fees while on probation

Garland, TX |

i got 3 year probation for felony theft and have to pay back over 10k, around $400 a month with probation fee.. i been on probation for almost 2 years and i'm 7k behind my fees.. i pay whatever money i can every month which isn't alot at all. so what will happen when my 3 years is up? will i go to jail? or am i not able to get off probation until i pay everything?

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  1. Although I do not know for sure, my best guess is that they will extend your probation until you have paid all of your resititution. The could waive your probation fees. It is unlikly you would be fjailed for not being financially able to pay your fees and resitiution. However, your inability to pay would have to be shown by you. If you just aren't saying enough monthy to pay, you could have a problem.
    You need to get you finances together to show what you necessary monthly expenses are so that you can show your probation officer that you just don't make enough money to cver everything. If you have lost your job or had your hours cut, you will need to get prf of that to your probation officer also.
    Best of lucki.

  2. The law in Texas does not allow your probation to be revoked if you are unable to pay attorney's fees, court costs or fines and that is the ONLY violation alleged in your Motion to Revoke. The State would have to prove that you WERE ABLE to pay in your probation hearing. However, if the money that you owe is restitution, the law does not protect you to the same extent.

    One thing to ask your probation officer about is the possibility of working the money off at a Restitution Center. You go and live there and work until you have paid the money off that you owe as restitution. If that's not something that you are interested in, you should talk to your probation officer at this time about extending your probation and modifying your monthly payment arrangements. Good luck to you.

  3. The most important information I can provide is that you make the best effort possible to make your payments even if they are partial payments. The court is mostly concerned that you are not disrespecting the court's order and not committing any other offenses. You cannot be revoked for purely financial reasons if you are making your best efforts to pay. It is always advisable that the judge believe that you are telling the truth when you address this issue with the court and the probation officer.

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