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What further steps should I take to ensure this is not on my record?

Smyrna, GA |

I am involved in a DUI case with drugs where I took a urine test, however the magistrate decide there was no probable cause because there was no notary, however the prosecutor chose to still proceed with the case. The case is kind of suspicious, and I want to ensure this is not on my record, I am a college student with a job, and this is my first offense.

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  1. Hire a lawyer to investigate the case and prepare your defense. If you don't have a lawyer already, get one immediately. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. I handle numerous DUIs in Cobb County.

  2. You need an attorney, sounds as if you have something to fight based upon your brief fact pattern. Do yourself a huge favor, hire an attorney and protect your future.

    Good luck.


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  3. Contact a local DUI attorney right away. I recommend the Head firm and the Ghosheh firm, both very capable and in your area. Sounds like this is not something to take on yourself. I use to prosecute DUIs and loved pro se representations. If you are truly invested in your case, an attorney can either settle this or do his best to keep it off your record depending on what the investigation turns up. Needless to say, an attorney will have access to investigative materials/people you will not.

  4. If the D.A. has proceeded with the case, it will always be on your record unless you can get it dismissed and expunged. You need the assistance of counsel in this case. There may be technical defenses such as chain of custody issues involved with your urine test that would cause the evidence to be inadmissible. ONly a trained lawyer is going to recognize and be able to present these technical defenses. I am a former Cobb County prosecutor. Call me if I can be of assistance.

    Allen R. (Rusty) Knox
    125 TownPark Drive, Suite 300
    Kennesaw, GA 30144
    (678) 334-1399

  5. You need to retain an attorney.

    Darrell B. Reynolds,
    Attorney and Counselor at Law
    2385 Lawrenceville Highway, Ste D
    Decatur, Ga. 30033

  6. You need to retain the BEST DUI Defense Attorney that is available to you ASAP!!!! If you win the case you may be able to have it Expunged (taken off) of you Criminal History. THE GA LAW ON EXPUNGEMENT WILL CHANGE JULY 1, 2013 - YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO HAVE YOUR RECORD EXPUNGED OR EVEN EASILY REQUEST A COPY OF YOUR CRIMINAL HISTORY!!!! Please take this charge seriously and Aggressively Defend yourself!!! I hope this information is helpful. Good Luck!!! George McCranie IV

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