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What forms do i need to gain possession of my property, i went to court and we came to an agreement that the tenant were to pay

Long Beach, CA |

by feb 5 2013 all in full but she didn't now i need to do a writ of execution how do i do this

Attorney Answers 2

  1. It is unclear from your post whether your "agreement" with the tenant was memorialzed in a writing such as a Stipulation and Judgment, or a Stipulation for Entry of Judgment, such as

    If yes, then you would proceed to seek entry of judgment, and then obtain a writ of possession.

    If not, you may need to get the unlawful detainer case set for trial using UD150:

    There really isn't enough information in your post to advise you what you need to do.

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  2. It depends on the content of your agreement and whether it is a judgment. If the agreement only provides for payment, then it will not support the recovery of possession. If it is a judgment and it includes a judgment for possession, you can than pursue the issuance of a writ of possession through the clerk's office and then pursue the lockout through the Sheriff's office.