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What exactly does Assault INV DV mean?

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What does the "INV" in the charge mean?

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Most likely means that the case is under investigation.


The "N" is probably not really an "N". The citation is most likely Assault IV - DV. The "N" is probably a typo or sloppy handwriting by the officer.

Assault IV DV, or Assault 4 DV is a Gross Misdemeanor charge that involves the Defendant making "any unwanted touching" to a "family or household member" as defined by Washington law. If an officer responds within 4 hours of the incident he or she is required to make a custody arrest. Assault IV - DV is a very serious charge and often carries jail time and will carry a loss of right to possess firearms if convicted. The good news is that a competent Domestic Violence attorney can often help in avoiding a conviction and keeping the defendant out of jail. Please fell free to follow the link below for more information on Assault IV DV.



And you're a domestic violence lawyer??? Cuz you're wrong, bub. it stands for under INVestigation. My fiance was arrested for felony dv assault and felony harassment for stabbing me in the head with a pair of scissors and making death threats against myself and our housemate. So quite obviously it was more than just "any unwanted touching" as you say. Maybe you should hit up the law library for a while before you get back to work.


This abbreviation is used on jail rosters to show that a person is being held pending "investigation" for the listed crime. The law permits the state to hold a person under investigation for up to 72 hours before deciding whether to file a criminal charge. If the prosecutor does not file a charge within that 72 hours (three business days, actually), the state must release the person from jail. But the prosecutor can still file the charge at a later date, and the person can be arrested again once the charge is filed.

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