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What dose an officer issueing a citation mean?

Red Bluff, CA |
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I was in an accident, and left, without knowlage of the accident. I was contated by the police 15 mins later. They came took a statment and pics of vehical and left. They never asked me to sign a ticket nor gave me one. In the police report it said I was issued a citation. The report was also dated 2 days after the accident.

The only thing I got was a photo copy of one in the mail from the court 3 weeks later. In the sigature box it only said traffic collision. I was charged with (M) Hit and run, and (I) unsafe backing.

What dose this mean. Did the officer issue me a citation???

Since I never sign a promise to appear what dose it mean to the court when I show up?

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You have now been served with a citation and you need to appear in court on the date stated on the citation. I suggest you consult with an attorney to go over the specifics of your case and determine whether you will fight the case or not since leaving the scene of an accident in which there was property damage can be serious in some jurisdictions.

Good luck.

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Contact a local lawyer in your area. If you did not know about the accident, you have a defense to the hit and run. Of course, your success will depend on how reasonable it would have been under the circumstances for you not to know you were in an accident. By the way, your statement will be used against you - presumably, you admitted driving at the least. Do not speak to the police any more. Talk to your lawyer.

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To approach your question from a slightly angle if you don't show up in court a bench warrant willissue for your arrest and things will go downhill from there. You need to go to court with a lawyer who can advise you of the best course of action and defend you if need be. Anything else is foolhardy.

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