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What does unsupervised probation in Kentucky mean?

London, KY |
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My friend was given time served & put on unsupervised probation for two years because he plead guilty to possession of marijuana as part of a bargain. What does unsupervised probation mean in Kentucky actually mean? What does he need to do to fulfill his probation?

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The good news is that it is unsupervised probation, so unless I'm missing something, you do not have a probation officer. The bad news is this is enough rope for your friend to hang himself. To explain, if your friend breaks the law (except for regular ole' traffic tickets, not reckless driving or some other misdemeanor), then his probation can be revoked within 2 years and he can face that same mj charge all over again, plus a NEW charge on whatever he did to break (violate) probation that caused it to get revoked in the first place. Big point: to prove a probation violation, the standard is NOT the regular proof beyond a reasonable doubt--the proof goes down (easier on commonwealth attorney, harder on your friend) to preponderance of the evidence.

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