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What does this mean? "Motion and order for Extension of Time"

Oxford, NC |

I have a 50B against my husband in NC. We went to court and he asked for a continuance to seek legal counsel. We are due back in court on Sept. 15th. I received a MOTION AND ORDER FOR EXTENSION OF TIME paper in the mail. I do not understand what this is. At the bottom of the sheet is states "THIS CAUSE, coming on to be heard before the undersigned Clerk of Court on Motion of the Defendant for an enlargement of time within which to serve his anser, and good cause having been shown that an enlargement of time is necessary for the answering of the complaint." "IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the time for responding to the Plaintiff's Complaint is hereby extended to and including the 18th day of October, 2009."

Can you explain to me what this means? Thank you very much.

I went to the clerk of courts office after receiving this paper and they told me that my court date is still set for Sept. 15th.

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Your husband asked the Court for more time to answer the complaint. The Court gave him until October 18 to answer it.

I'm not a North Carolina lawyer so don't take this as legal advice. If you need legal advice, talk to a North Carolina lawyer.


According to what you wrote, the paper you received in the mail from the Court isn't about your September 15 hearing. It's about whether your husband is allowed to have extra time to answer the Complaint.


Your court date remains the same. He just has more time to file an Answer to your Complaint. It may be that he shows up on the 15th of September and asks for another continuance on the grounds that his time to file an answer has not yet expired.

If you don't have an attorney, get one.

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