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What does this letter from my probation office mean?

Cedartown, GA |

You are hereby instructed to report to the Polk Probation Office to discuss a new reporting technique. This new form of reporting is only being allowed for Offenders with positive developments or potential for positive developments.

I've made all my payments each month for over a year now? Did I do something wrong? Should I be worried?

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  1. Best answer

    If you have not violated the terms of your probation you should have nothing to worry about. Try calling your PO and see if you can catch them on the phone.

  2. It sounds like they may put you on non-reporting status. If you have been following the conditions of your probation, you have nothing to worry about.
    In any event, always do what your probation officer directs you to do.

  3. It simply sounds like a new reporting procedure that the probation office is implementing across the board and has nothing to do with your individual case.

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