What does the term "finish work" mean in a home improvement contract?

Asked about 2 years ago - Sacramento, CA

I signed a home improvement contract, but am not sure what finish work means. I felt kind of pressured to sign, and should have read the whole thing, and now I'm, worried because I don't know what this means.


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  1. Pamela Koslyn

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    Answered . It's the last stage of work. For example, "rough" plumbing is the pipes in the wall. "Finish" plumbing is installing the faucet.

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  2. Frank Wei-Hong Chen

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    Answered . It refers to the final stage of the construction work. "Rough" work would be something like framing, electrical and piping. "Finish" work refers to the exterior and interior finishing of buildings and structures to enhance their service and aesthetic qualities. For a residential interior, it would include things such as flooring, tiling, painting, and wallpapering.

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  3. George William Wolff

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    Answered . If the contract was for work on your home and it was not signed at the contractor's offices, then you probably have a right to cancel the contract.

    Did the contract have included with it a Notice of Right to Cancel, or a form stating your rights to cancel the contract?

    Even if it did not, you likely would still have the right to can if the conditions above are met.

    Can you fax or email us a copy of the contract?

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