What does the status, "Serve required (WaitS)" mean on a restraining order filing in a divorce? Does it indicate a decision?

I am in a contentious divorce, and I am fighting a restraining order with various permutations. I am trying to find out the status to see if I am about to lose custody. Can anyone help?

Alamo, CA -

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Robert T Senh

Robert T Senh

Family Law Attorney - Martinez, CA

This appears to be a notation that you see on the online file or register of actions in your case. When a temporary restraining order is issued by the court it must be served personally on you (i.e., handed to you) by a third person (i.e., not the other party). Proof of service must then be filed with the court. A temporary restraining order will also provide information on when and where your court hearing on whether a permanent restraining order should be issued.

A temporary domestic violence restraining order is made returnable for hearing within 21 days, or with good cause 25 days, after it is issued. You must be served with the paperwork and notice of the hearing date and time within 5 days of the court hearing. The time and procedure for hearing on domestic violence restraining orders if provided in the Family Law Code, Division 10, Part 4, beginning in section 6300, et seq. I advise you seek the counsel of an attorney.

Sarah Jeannette Haselup

Sarah Jeannette Haselup

Domestic Violence Lawyer - San Francisco, CA

More information is needed. Where did you see this notation?

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