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What does the following mean related to a court report being filed- Disposition type: Dismissed/Superseded by Indictment

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Disposition type: Dismissed/Superseded by Indictment (relating to a Class X Felony charge of MFG "delivery" of 15-200 pills) * the "dismissed/superseded by indictment" line was filed on all three charges listed separately for each charge before the preliminary hearing.

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  1. Most likely that the lower court charges were replaced with the indictable felonies

  2. The complaint filed as an "information" was superceded (trumped) by the indictment. Either the charges were increased, or they were duplicates to the information and the indictment is the document upon which the prosecution will build its case. You really need a lawyer.

  3. It means you were indicted by the grand jury

  4. It means that the original complaint filed by the police will not be heard at a preliminary hearing as the state has chosen to have you indicted by the grand jury instead. It mean you'll be assigned to a trial court to face the Class X charges that carry a mandatory prison sentence if convicted. It means you had better hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Most of us provide free consultations.

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