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What does the bankruptcy discharge papers for a chapter 7 look like?

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What does the bankruptcy discharge papers for a chapter 7 look like?

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  1. it's just a short court order saying the case is discharged (and probably closed as well), and other legalisms as that the estate is closed, the trustee is relieved, etc. A debtor should receive it in the mail about 3-4 months after the case was filed, in most instances.

  2. It is a very short letter that states that your debts have been discharged subject to certain provisions in the Bankruptcy Code regarding non dischargeable debts.

  3. When I first read your question, my initial reaction was "are you trying to prepare a forged document?"

    I see by reading your comments that you are hoping that the discharge will confirm that certain debts are discharged, and the answer, as the others have told you, is "no." If you owe child support, taxes, student loans, or other debts that are not eligible to be discharged, the Discharge will not affect the status of any of these debts.

    If, on the other hand, you are looking to simply clean up your credit report once your bankruptcy has Discharged, go to the Court website about 10 days after you receive your discharge in the mail. I am posting a link to these site. There is a small fee to view & copy documents, and you want to look at a list of all documents filed in your case. The document you want is called Discharge with certificate of mailing (or Certificate of Service - Discharge). It ought to be the most recently filed document in your bankruptcy case.

    That document will contain your discharge as well as the list of every creditor that was mailed notice of your bankruptcy. It is just the thing needed to correct your credit report and prove what debts were included in your bankruptcy. Hope this perspective helps!

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