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What does Sentence Discharge mean?

Chicago, IL |

My husband is currently in state prison after he violated his DUI probation. He was sentenced with Aggravated DUI/Driving without a valid licence. He was sentenced to 1 year 0 days. He is up to be paroled in six months (50%). It is noticed that the sentence is NOT eligible for Discharge. What does that mean? Is this going to play a part with my husband's upcoming immigration hearing? He is an undocumentated illegal immigrant.

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    He should be eligible for release after he has served 6o days in prison, assuming he has good behavior. Not eligible for discharge probably means there is an immigration hold on him.

  2. DUIs do not generally flag immigration concerns; but you'll need to ask someone who is licensed in IL regarding the local lingo. Most attnys provide no-charge consultations.

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