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What does off bond mean?

New Port Richey, FL |

i kno that when it says a bond was revoked that means the bondsman pulled ur bond !! but is it the same thing wen it say off bond?

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Having your "bond revoked" is different than the bondsman going "off bond". If the court revokes your bond, you simply can not bond out of jail. If a bondsman goes "off bond," that bondsman is no longer fronting you the money for a bond. You will have to find another bondsman to bond out of jail.

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It is likely your bondsmen came "off" you bond which means he is no longer putting up the money for your bail. YOu will need to post it yourself or find another bondsmen more than likely. Why don't you call him and ask why he came off your bond.

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These are two different scenarios. To have a bond revoked requires the Court to enter an Order revoking the bond. It has nothing to do with the bondsman, it is the court revoking the bond.
A bondsman coming off the bond means that the bondsman has decided not to continue on the bond and the bondsman returns the defendant to custody of the jail and is no longer responsible for producing the defendant in court.

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