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What does it meen when he waived the court hearing

Pennsylvania |

what does it meen when the person i went to court for that confessed to robbing me waived it does that meen he plead guilty because i didnt even have to go into the court room he automatically waived it

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You have not provided enough informatino to tell for certain what occurred. However, odds are that he waived the preliminary hearing. This is not in any way a plea of guilty - it only means that the case will be bound over to court for further proceedings. The first stage in a felony charge is a preliminary hearing in front of a District Justice, sort of a mini-trial. It is not unusual for defendants to waive this step, which changes nothing except the opportunity to perhaps obtain dismissal at the District Justice level. I used to be a District Justice in Pennsylvania, and did at times determine that the prosecution did not meet its burden for a bind-over, so never understood why a defendant would waive this step, but many do.

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