What does it means getting sole physical custody and sharing legal custody? Supervised visitation with this custody arrangement

My husband agrees to give me full physical custody and want to share legal custody. He is very abusive to me and since i have safety issues i decide to end this thing soon. Our child is 2 year old. I am wanting supervised visitation.

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Matthew Thomas Majeski

Matthew Thomas Majeski

Child Custody Lawyer - Woodbury, MN

Sole physical means you are in charge of the day to day care of the child, however for child support purposes the amount of parenting time you each have is important. Joint legal custody means you both work together to make major medical, educational, and religious decisions for the child.

Parenting time being supervised is something you can argue during the divorce.

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Kristine Jean Zajac

Kristine Jean Zajac

Family Law Attorney - Minneapolis, MN

Also, you might want to strongly consider not giving him joint legal custody if there is physical abuse because you'll be stuck with having to consult with him on all major decisions, such as healthcare decisions, educational decisions and religious decisions concerning your child.

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