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What does it mean when a judge gets upset with you about a decision you made in a settlement hearing?

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During a settlement hearing, two trips were made into the office where I sat with an attorney to help me with the settlement part of my case since I was representing myself. After the third trip into the office, the very minimal offer was turned downed, I wouldn't sign a letter of confidentiality and the judge got angry, ripped the paper off the table, stormed out of the office and alerted Defendant that the offer was turned down. Why would a judge get so angry because I felt the offer was insignificant to the mental anguish I reciecved due to my skin color and the judge, technically has no bearing to my decision? This case is tied in with a pending case. Signing a confidentially statement would close my pending case. The judge tried to convince me that it wouldn't. I know it would.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. If that judge is your trial judge, it could mean a lot. More likely than not a judge involved in the mediation will not be the trial judge, and therefore an angry judge doesn't mean a thing --- unless the angry judge put angry notes in the file. The Judge was more than likely ticked off because he felt he was providing you with good advice, that you were not willing to accept.

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