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What does it mean when a document is entered in as "evidence" in a custody trial?

Englewood, FL |

My grandson had a modification of time share trial last Monday. There were about 3 documents that were entered into the court as evidence. What does that mean? There were a lot of documents total but, only 3 were entered in as evidence. Also how long does the judge take to make a decision?

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  1. It means that those documents will be considered by the judge in making a decision, in addition to any of the testimony given that day. The other documents that were not entered will not be considered. It's up to the judge how long it takes, that depends on the judge.

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  2. I agree with my colleague. Everything entered into evidence becomes a part of the record. If one of the parties appeals the case, the appellate court will only consider the documents admitted into evidence and the testimony and whether the trial judge applied the correct law to the evidence before the in court. If the trial court refused to allow testimony or evidence during a trial, the appellate court can decide if it was lawfully excluded.

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