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What does it mean when a case goes from inactive to closed while you are in jail

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my boyfriends case was inactive due to a bench warrant and not showing up for his probation officer he didnt report for four years and was supposed to be on probation for 2 years he was pulled over for a broken car light and was taken into custody can he come home on may 7th which is his gagnon hearing

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What makes you think the case was closed? If he was taken into custody, it means there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest and I don't see a Judge releasing him on OR. You need to hire an attorney.


You need to hire an attorney immediately. The Judge is going to have a hearing to determine whether you boyfriend violated the terms of his probation. Based upon your question, the answer is probably yes. The Judge will then be able to re-sentence your boyfriend to a new term of probation or inprisonment up to the legal maximum sentence allowable.


Whether he comes home or not is up to the Judge. There are many factors that can effect that. What was his original charge? Why has he not kept in touch with his probation officer? Have all his fines and costs been paid off? Has he gotten into any other trouble? He is employed? Does he support any children? He needs an attorney to help him with this hearing to get the best possible outcome.


From the circumstances you describe it sounds unlikely that he will be coming home. What he will be facing depends on a number of factors. He is going to need help.

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