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What does it mean to file "waiver of rule 600 and speedy trial rights"?

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Defendant is out on bond. Charged with indecent exposure, open lewdness and write obscene/sexual materials.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Generally speaking after being formally charged, the Commonwealth must bring the case to trial with one year. There are many things that impact the calculation of time and exceptions to this rule. For example, if the defendant executes a waiver of rule 600 or simply asks for a continuance from an initial trial date. You should consult with and retain an attorney before agreeing to waive the Rule 600 protections.

  2. If there is a defense continuance on a case, it means that you are waiving the time for rule 600 purposes. Runle 600 is the PA statute that determines the amount of time the Commonwealth has to bring an accused to trial, otherwise the case can be dismissed.

  3. It just means that the time between the last and next court will not count against the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth must bring the Defendant to trial within 365 days. Your lawyer should have explained to you what you were signing.

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