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What does it mean on a motion hour for temorary maintenance fees when the judge sets a date 2 months away and accepts one partie

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going through a divorce and my ex filed then had her attorney file a motion for temporary maintenance and lawyer fees. I have been paying her 350.00 a week and she gets 700 a month disability. the juudge set the date for January 3 2013 for the temporary maintence hearing and accepted her motion status quo under submission.......i dont have a clue what that means

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You need to speak with your lawyer. Status quo means to keep everything "AS IS" until the hearing. If you normally pay her $350/week, you probably need to keep paying her $350/week. If you pay the insurance, you keep the insurance. If she pays for the mortgage, she keeps paying the mortgage. Status quo is a bandaid until the hearing to assure that everything keeps going as it has been. The major items is that all insurances stay in place and no one sells any assets or incurs any new debt. If you have questions about a purchase, you should first ask your attorney.

The hearing on 1/3 is to see who pays for what and how much you are going to have to pay in spousal support (aka maintenance).

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