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What does it mean for a motion to be spindled?

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The judgment for the case was in our favor. We left court that day, looked the case up online the next day and saw that the statement "motion spindled" for the case with a new court date. If we have already won the case, why does it appear that the case is still open and that we may have to reappear in court again?

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Cook County Circuit Court calls setting up a motion as a "Motion Spindled". If you have a court order or ruling of judgment in your favor that is what controls, not what the clerks in the Daley Center post in the computer system under the case number.

Now, without knowing more, it is impossible to say what might be going on. Perhaps your opponent has set up a motion (motion spindled) to challenge or set aside the judgment in your favor? Perhaps the clerk merely made an entry error? Lots of things could be..... but again, the judgment order in your favor is the key document for you. If something else is going to be done on the case, you have to be notified by US Mail of the next court date. Watch the court online docket, too.

Good luck to you.

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A Motion being "spindled" is Cook County terminology for a date being set to hear a motion. In your case, the other party may have filed a post-trial motion. You or your attorney should receive a copy of any motion that was filed.

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