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What does insufficient bond theft=1,500<20K mean?

Dallas, TX |

My brother is in jail for theft of service in which he wrote checks that he did not have money to cover. He was bonded out in June of 2012 for same charges. He reported faithfully to his bail bondsmen. Why would have a insufficient bond theft? Secondly, bond for arrest in june of 2012 was only $500.00. He also has a second charge in another county in Texas for theft of service THEFT OF SERVICE $500-1500. How much could he be sentenced to on both charges?

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    It sounds like his bond was held insufficient because he picked up a new case. His maximum punishment is two years in the state jail on the Dallas case. The other case is a class A misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of one year in the county jail. Obviously, he needs experienced attorneys in both cases.

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  2. Did he fail to pay his bondsman? This is ALWAYS a dumb move. They WILL press charges and otherwise hunt you down for payment as they are on the hook for your bond if you fail to appear in court so they get cranky when you don't do what they've asked you to do.

  3. There are two things that could have happened. One, he did not do everything the bail bondsman asked which means that the bondsman is trying to get out of the bond. Second, the bondsman may have business problems and can not currently guarantee the bond. These are the two issues I see.

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